Color Change Plates – 1.25 lb. Pair
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Color Change Plates – 1.25 lb. Pair Fitness 430247 CCHBUMP1.25
Item No. 430247
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Titan Fitness Color Change Plates are offered in pairs of 1.25, 2.5, 5, and a full set of 37.5-pounds. Each plate features a 51 mm collar opening and a durable rubber coating for a lasting hold on any standard Olympic barbell. The plates provide a matte finish with color-coded weight dimensions for easy identification during your workout and between sets. For those looking to get everything down to the last pound, these Titan Change Plates are what you need to leave the old PR's in the dust!

WHY CHANGE PLATES: Change plates are designed for incremental weight increases in your Olympic weightlifting training. Rubber collar opening allows you to place change plates outside of collars for incremental weight increases without having to worry about them slipping off the bar. Meant for use with standard Olympic Sized Barbells.

COLOR-CODED WEIGHTS: The 1.25-pound change plates are white matte finish with black color-coded weight dimensions for easy identification during your workout and between sets.

SOLD IN PAIR OR FULL SET: The pound incremental change plates are sold in pairs or a full set of 37.5-pounds. With weight increments of 1.25 (white), 2.5 (green), 5 (blue) pounds.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: These unique change plates are constructed with a durable steel internal ring that helps maintain the plate's shape, surrounded by durable rubber coating with a matte finish.

DIMENSIONS: This plate weighs 1.25-pounds and are sold in pairs totaling 2.5-pounds. It measures 133.3 mm in diameter with a 14 mm width. The collar opening features 51 mm diameter making it compatible with Olympic barbells.


- Rubber coated steel with matte finish
- Color-coded for easy identification
- Raised plate lip makes picking up easier
- Sold in pairs or as a full set

- Diameter: 133.3 mm
- Width: 14 mm
- Collar Opening: 51 mm
- Color: White with Black Lettering
- Material: Rubber
- Weight: 1.25 lb. | 2.5 lb. Total

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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