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  • Strongman Log Bar (12" Diameter) Strongman Log Bar (12" Diameter)
  • Strongman Log Bar (12" Diameter) Strongman Log Bar (12" Diameter)
  • Strongman Log Bar (12" Diameter) Strongman Log Bar (12" Diameter)
  • Strongman Log Bar (12" Diameter) Strongman Log Bar (12" Diameter)
  • Strongman Log Bar (12" Diameter) Strongman Log Bar (12" Diameter)
  • Strongman Log Bar (12" Diameter) Strongman Log Bar (12" Diameter)
  • Strongman Log Bar (12" Diameter) Strongman Log Bar (12" Diameter)

Strongman Log Bar (12" Diameter)

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Quick Overview

The 12" diameter Log Bar by Titan Fitness is a must for serious strongman competitors.

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The 12" diameter Log Bar by Titan Fitness is a must for serious strongman competitors. The 12" diameter develops max strength by taxing your grip and control. The neutral grip handles reduce the stress on your shoulders for less wear on your joints.  

- 12" Log Bar is a step up in your strongman training from a standard 10" log bar.
- The wider diameter taxes your control building your form and strength.
- 14" loadable sleeve length means you can load the log bar with plates or use it with no plates. 
- Fully welded ends and internal bracing for durability. 
- Knurled Handles.

- Weight: 90 LB
- Overall length: 80.7"
- Handle spacing: 23.5"
- Handle diameter: 1.25"
- Overall diameter: 12"
- Loadable sleeve length: 14"

** Note: Log Bars may not be compatible with all specialty tight tolerance competition plates **

Additional Information

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UPC 719318364444
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  1. slightly over-sized but AMAZING log review by Ahmed on 2/20/2018

    Putting aside the fact that It is closer to a 13 inch diameter log (12.7 or so) instead of the advertised 12, this log is amazing. Only used it for a quick session or two, but i love the aesthetic of the log, the cut out titan logo looks great. It seems to be of really quality construction as far as i can tell and has good paint job as well. I didn't precisely weigh it, but mine is at least 95 pounds. At this price point i feel i got an insanely good deal with this log. Decently fast and free shipping is what makes titan the go to spot for me, but getting free shipping on an item this big still impressed me. Though i need more time with the log to develop a final take on it, anyone who is in the market for a big log and able to grab this when it is in-stock is extremely lucky- based on a quick search i did comparably sized logs are usually offered at a minimum 3 times the price of what titan is charging. Amazing value and amazing product in general. You don't need to be a GIANT to use this log but do take into account the extra 3/4th of an inch in extra diameter on the log, specially if you are a female or smaller/more casual athlete and consider the smaller logs (which appear to be slightly over-sized as well). Loyal titan customer for sure, great quality equipment at unreal prices and customer support has been always solid with me.

  2. Not Bad for the Money!!! review by Darin on 2/19/2018

    1) It only costs $165! You will not find a cheaper log being sold anywhere else that I'm aware of.
    2) It is built pretty well, all things considered. The welds are solid, the TITAN cutout and paint job are great.
    3) It's very well balanced and over all seems very solid.

    1) It's not made from seamless pipe or tubing, which means the log body is made by rolling sheet metal and welding the seam. This is no doubt how they're making them so cheaply; that could be a pro too I guess, since you literally won't find another log on the market for so little money!
    2) It's not a 12" OD log. It's actually 12.89" outside diameter. I find that pretty perplexing considering the above fact that it's made from rolled sheet metal. With that much control over the diameter, I find it very odd that it's not made exactly to 12" OD. ANSI standards for pipe show a 12.75" OD, so the fact that it's 12.89" is even stranger still. A true 12" log would be made from tubing, rather than pipe (yes there's a difference), which is a true 12" OD.

    All that said, it's very difficult to review this product. First it is a substitute and inferior product built with the intention to provide strongman competitors with a cheap alternative to the higher quality and costlier logs on the market. For that, Titan gets mad props from me! But I want to be fair and place it rightfully in the arena of competitor brands. It doesn't deserve 5 stars, because it's not intended to be a high quality piece of equipment in the first place.

    Cost: 5 Stars
    Product Specs: 2 Stars
    Quality of craftsmanship: 4 stars
    Durability: yet to be determined

    Based on that, the average stars I'd give it are 3.67, so not quite 4 stars, hence my 3 star rating.

  3. BADASS review by Ben on 1/25/2018

    This is the coolest, most sturdy piece of gym equipment i have. Probably my favorite purchase ive ever made for my gym. This log is HUGE. You could get a great workout with this bar solo, not plates added. Great product Titan Fitness. I will continue being your customer.

  4. My 1st Log review by Bryan on 11/17/2017

    I have never touched a log before this one. That being said, I enjoy the hell out of this one. It seems well made and it is the best deal out there by far. Compared to my 2 barbells the knurling is quite aggressive but that’s not a bad thing. When I weighed mine it comes in at 99 lbs, not the 90 lbs listed in the description so I would check yours, you might be putting up more weight than you thought.

  5. Love it! review by Chuck on 10/16/2017

    Sure there are things I would change but they are small. Awesome price. Fast shipping. The handles are knurled. I know it's not stated but that's a nice feature! Keep it going Titan! Let's see a loadable circus dumbbell soon!

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When will the 12 inch log be available ?
Thanks for contacting us. As of 12/14 the 12" Logbar is scheduled to be available on 1/6/18 at the earliest.

Titan Support
Titan Fitness answered on December 14, 2017
Are any of the strongman log bars rackable (12,10,8)?
Depending on the width of your rack, the 8" diameter log bar might be able to fit. It is 42" between the sleeves. All other log bars will not fit standard power racks.
Titan Fitness answered on January 21, 2018
Is there an ability to be on a waiting list for this item? It appears to go out of stock before even being back in stock.
Thanks for contacting us. You can place orders for out of stock items by calling into our sales department. Once the item is available it would ship directly to you.

Titan Support
Titan Fitness answered on January 22, 2018