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Strongman Equipment

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Strongman Equipment

Whether you are an experienced or a beginner strongman athlete, you need equipment that can enable you to get high-quality training. The activities involved in strongman training fall under four categories of movements: load, carry, pull, and push. You need to get the best strongman fitness equipment that can help you work on all these four categories.

Strongman Gym Equipment at Home

Working out with strongman gym equipment at home will help you with conditioning, endurance, and strength training. For push exercises, the equipment you use will start from the ground, so you must be ready to clean and press.

You must get the best strongman fitness equipment for this. Strongman training requires implements such as kegs, circus dumbbells, axles, and logs that you can use for this kind of exercise. The log bar is an essential implement for your home gym. You'll be using it for a unique movement that’s hard to experience with other equipment.

For the pull exercises, you’ll need deadlifts and ropes. You can use a heavy prowler or sled in place of the original equipment. Just load the equipment and practice arm-over-arm as your feet remain stationary. You can also use wall-mounted rigs for pull exercises.

The most common carry activities are medleys, farmer’s walks, and the yoke. For carry exercises, you’ll need kegs and sandbags. These pieces of equipment prepare your body to carry heavy loads. So if you are planning to take part in a carry competition, you must work hard using your kegs and sandbags.

If you are a beginner, you can start with a barbell loaded to a weight. You can then have heavy kettlebells attached on both sides. Lift it to your back, then walk for about 100 feet to help your body get used to heavy loads. With time, you can increase the weights and your speed.

Load activity is the core of strongman training. It involves lifting equipment and putting it over a bar or onto a higher platform. For this exercise, you’ll need sandbags, kegs, and stones. Sandbags are affordable and easy to store. Stones are also good, but they take up a lot of space.

Whatever you are loading, it is advisable to start with light weights and increase the weight as your body gets used to loading activities.

Get the Best Strongman Fitness Equipment

If you have decided to use strongman gym equipment at home, you must work on building a sturdy foundation. For HIIT workouts, interval training, circuit training, bodybuilding, and weightlifting, you need the best equipment to prevent injuries.

Strength training is challenging because you never know what or who you are going up against. That's why you need to source your equipment and tools from a recognized and reliable supplier. You can get the best strongman fitness equipment from Titan Fitness.

Free Shipping on Strongman Home Gyms

Titan Fitness offers free shipping on strongman home gyms. When you order your training equipment from our website, you’ll not have to worry about paying for shipping. Just sit back and wait for your equipment. Titan offers high-quality products at great prices.

Even though events keep changing, and the equipment used may not be the same as what you used on your own, strongman gym equipment at home will allow you to have equally high-quality training to prepare for competition.