Carry Workout Equipment

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There are a lot of workout exercises you can perform in your home gym to improve your fitness. Some of these you can do with the help of a trainer while some you can do by yourself. Carry exercises are great full-body workouts that have many benefits. Carry workouts build overall strength and help you increase your heart rate. They also help you to improve your grip and the strength of your forearms. You can also improve your posture by carrying weights. Other benefits include building a stronger core and shoulder stability.

Carry Workout Equipment for Home Gyms

Carry workout equipment enhances your workout routine by adding strength training elements. This is a style of weight-bearing activity that can help with muscle development, bone density and endurance. There are various carry workout equipment items made by Titan Fitness.

Carry Slam Balls

Titan Fitness Slam Balls are highly effective in optimizing your forearms, quads, glutes, shoulders, hamstrings, and abdominal muscles. They are usually incorporated in various exercises, including squats, sit-ups, ball slams, air squats, Russian twists, squat throws, bear crawls, overhead presses, and lunges. If you have a partner, you can perform overhead passes, chest passes, and abdominal work with these carry slam balls.

Carry slam balls are ideal for athletic training because they improve cardiovascular endurance, hand-eye coordination, and increase muscle mass. You can also use them if you want to get rid of excess energy and pent-up frustrations. The exterior of the balls have a textured rubberized shell to prevent blowouts when slammed to the ground. It also prevents slips and mishaps with an easy-grip texture designed perfectly for hitting, throwing, and catching.

The balls are available in several sizes ranging from 10 to 60 pounds. You can get any size, whether you are a beginner or a pro. They consist of a sturdy rubber, which you can grip easily when performing core or full-body workouts. Be ready to experience the difference in your workouts and an improvement in your athletic life.

Front Squat Harness

This carry workout equipment will help you relieve stress from your wrists and back while isolating your quads.

Rickshaw Farmer’s Walk

The Rickshaw Farmer’s Walk by Titan will help boost your metabolism and strengthen your muscles. It aims to build stronger quads, traps, back, and calves. This piece of equipment is designed with versatility in mind and makes loading and unloading weight easier. Rickshaw Farmer’s Walk has a smooth grip, and you can use it to perform a lot of carry exercises for an effective and simple workout.

If you are looking for a more centered workout that will protect your back, then you should get the Rickshaw Farmer’s Walk. It is easy to carry and prevents the plate from touching the ground. This piece of equipment is designed with fitness and safety in mind, from the durable and high-quality finish black powder coat to the upgraded rubber feet. It has an overall height of 15.5-inches and a width of 56-inches. It weighs 50 pounds, and the inside dimensions are 24 inches by 17 inches.

Upright Farmer Walk Handles

These vertical posts are ideal for carry exercises, strongman training and endurance training. The Upright Farmer Walk Handles have an adjustable handle design that allows you to train your way by customizing your equipment. You can load more weight on the vertical weight posts, and they protect the plates from hitting the ground in case you drop them. It comes with a dual height-adjustable handle that you can switch between 8-inches and 16 inches.

At Home Workouts With Carry Equipment

Carry workout equipment is usually utilized in a variety of ways. They include:

  • Push-ups
  • Russian twists
  • Crawls
  • Air squats
  • Thrusters
  • Sit-ups

Free Shipping on Titan Fitness Carry Workout Equipment

Carry exercise equipment is one of the most functional and effective types of equipment for strength exercises. Adding them to your program will benefit you greatly even after a short time. Titan Fitness always provides free shipping and a one-year warranty on all equipment.