20" Plate Loadable Atlas Stone with Platform
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20" Plate Loadable Atlas Stone with Platform Fitness 400938 LDATSN-42STNPF
Item No. 400938
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In Greek mythology, Atlas uses his immense strength to bear the full burden of the celestial heavens. Here at Titan, our Atlas Stone weighs less: 175 lbs. But if that’s not enough for you, we have great news – this Strongman staple can be screwed open and packed with additional weight plates. The screw tool is inserted in the top to remove the bolt, then inserted again as a handle to safely remove the top half of the Atlas Stone. As you add your weight, you can use the steel spacers on the weight sleeve to ensure that the extra plates stay fixed and steady inside the Stone as it’s used.

Many consider the Atlas Stone challenge to be the main event of the strongman competition. When you consider the strength and focus that is demanded from the athletes who participate, it’s very clear why. When creating our own Stone, we put pride into the durable steel casing, the plate loadable feature, as well as the convenient screw tool design to make loading and unloading as effortless as possible.

The spirit of competition is what fueled our engineers to build it, but it’s up to the real competitors to lift it. The stone is in your court. We’re confident that our Plate Loadable Atlas Stone will impress strongman veterans and beginners alike. And even if you don’t compete, consider adding the Atlas Stone challenge to your fitness routine. It can seem daunting at first, even to the most seasoned strength-training enthusiasts. But there’s no feeling quite like having a whole world in the palms of your hands.

*Note: Weight plates are not included. This listing comes with the Atlas Stone Platform included.

LOAD UP WITH WEIGHT PLATES: Slide in your Olympic size weight plates to up the intensity as you take on the atlas stone. Starting at 175 lbs., this stone can handle up to X overall weight.

DURABLE STEEL CASING: The Plate Loadable Atlas Stone is comprised of a durable steel casing, and comes with a black powder-coated paint job to add rust resistance.

THE STAPLE OF THE STRONGMAN COMPETITION: Take home the cornerstone of a time-honored competition, and train yourself harder than ever before with the plate loadable feature.

DESIGNED FOR STABILITY: Use the steel spacers as you add weight plates inside the stone, keeping them stable as the stone moves & ensuring your lift is free from unwanted imbalance.

SPECIFICATIONS: The Plate Loadable Atlas Stone uses Olympic size (2”) diameter plates on the inside, and has a total diameter of 20”, well within competition range (8” – 24”). It weighs 175 lbs. without plates.


- The staple of the strongman competition, train with an Atlas Stone
- 20” diameter is within competition range (anywhere from 8” to 24”)
- Add weight plates to ramp up intensity while you practice your form
- Durable steel construction will last for years with proper use

- Heavy duty 2" x 2" steel construction for a solid, long lasting design.
- 1" Lip around edges keep your stone from rolling off the platform. 
- 3/8" Rubber mat for a smooth transition and to keep the noise level at a minimum. 
- 8" Center hole diameter to easily hold most size stones, slam balls, or medicine balls. 
- 425 Pound weight capacity to stand up to the heaviest of lifts. 

- Diameter: 20”
- Material: Steel
- Weight: 175 lbs.

- Platform Dimensions: 25" x 25"
- Platform Height: 42"
- Hole Diameter: 8"
- Weight Capacity: 425 LB
- Weight: 125 LB 

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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