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Functional Weights

Real-life situations call for functional weights. At Titan Fitness, we offer a wide variety of Olympic Functional Weights for home gyms to take your workouts to the next level.

Olympic Functional Weights for Home Gyms

Steel Clubs are one of the most unique and effective olympic functional weights for home gyms that you can use to train your core and push your body to the limit. Check out the high-quality Titan Fitness Steel Clubs ranging from 5 pounds all the way up to 45 pounds. Perform countless exercises with them, including squats, pullovers, and swings. No matter your skill level, these clubs can increase your workout intensity and yield substantial functional strength gains.

Organize your workout equipment with our Multi-Functional Training Tube Storage Rack. Getting fit takes lots of discipline, and it can be even more challenging in a disorganized home gym. This storage rack can elegantly increase your workout efficiency and give your gym a sleek and fresh appearance. A durable steel construction provides a sturdy place to store up to 5 Multi-Functioning Training Tubes.

Shop Loadable Mace & Hammer for Strongman Training

Strongman training uses specific workout equipment, and Titan Fitness is on top of the game. Shop Loadable Mace & Hammer for Strongman Training to strengthen your shoulders. This hammer is also excellent for improving grip and hand strength. Hold it out in front of you with one or two hands for as long as you can to test your strength, endurance, and persistence. Once you load the hammer with all the weight you can fit, just tighten the steel cap and go for it.

For even more targeting of your shoulders, perform various exercises with the unique Loadable Mace Hammer. Change up your workout routine and build thick muscles by adding on the weight. There are few better ways to increase your functional strength than by working out with this hefty tool. As your muscles and joints get stronger, you're less likely to get injured. You can up your game with this fun and safe tool that effectively engages a wide variety of muscles.

Free Shipping on Titan Fitness Functional Weights

Save some extra money by taking advantage of our fast and free shipping on Titan Fitness Functional Weights. No matter the product you choose, we'll send it out completely free of any shipping charges, no questions asked.

Titan Fitness supports your fitness goals and strives to add some variety to your home gym with our functional weights. Many people want to reach a higher level in their workouts, and Titan Fitness continues to make it possible. We ensure your complete satisfaction with a 1-year warranty on each of these products. Our functional weights will surely expand your fitness potential and be an excellent addition to your home gym.