12" Strongman Log Bar | v2
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12" Strongman Log Bar | v2 Fitness 430062 12LOGBARv2
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The centerpiece for Strongman training and competitions is the Log Bar. If you’re looking to improve your physique or just enjoy physical fitness, you’re going to need the proper workout equipment. With our premium weightlifting Log Bar, you’ll be looking like a professional bodybuilder in no time. This unique lifting device is designed by individuals who know what it takes to get the most out of every single workout. An essential addition to your strongman routine, the 10" diameter barrel with loadable sleeves ensures plenty of space for bumper plates. Our neutral hand grips are seated comfortably within the log, and the cutout is more than wide enough to accommodate arms of all sizes. The neutral grip will lower the stress on your shoulders as you press, making your intensive training free of any unwanted pain or residual soreness. The powder-coating paint is scratch, scuff, and rust-resistant — protecting the finish while you knock out presses, cleans, jerks, benches, and rows. The Log Bar’s high-quality steel construction will guarantee long-lasting fitness results for years to come, adding a sleek look to your gym accessories or weightlifting setup. The Titan Log Bar offers an essential piece of equipment at an affordable price and is made to help you work out safely and efficiently. This durable and useful bodybuilding tool is equipped with loadable sleeves on both ends, welded end caps, 1.65” knurled handles, and fits competition plates, so you’ll have everything you need to get ripped quickly. We recommend using a drop pad if your workouts include dropping from overhead. Try Titan Fitness for all your weightlifting and bodybuilding equipment.

LOG-STYLE LIFTING: This Log Bar is great for both men and women who love lifting. This innovative log-style weightlifting bar creates a more anatomically friendly position for the shoulders than traditional bars. In addition, this bar is much less likely to bother the joints during the pressing movement compared to pressing with a pronated grip (palms facing away from the body).

IMPROVE YOUR FORM: If you’re not lifting weights right, you could strain or injure a muscle, putting you out of the game for months. That’s why we’ve designed this premium log bar. With ergonomic handles, it’s a great addition for home gyms. It has wide openings that will fit any sized arm, so if you are tired of traditional deadlifting and powerlifting, try this metal log bar.

BUILD MUSCLE: Get ripped using Titan’s Log Bar! It offers a total of 28 positions, accommodating several different heights and exercises. You can perform a variety of exercises with this log bar, including chin-ups, deadlifts, cross-training, and squats. Place a bench underneath and perform bench presses. You’ll be looking swole and muscular in no time.

MADE FROM HEAVY-DUTY STEEL: Steel is renowned for its ability to support heavy loads without bending or bowing. This heavy-duty steel can withstand up to 700 pounds. No matter how many weights you lift, the log bar will offer increased support, especially when muscle fatigue sets in. Trust the powerful Titan Log Bar for all your strength training needs.

FEATURES AND USES: This unique training bar is designed to fit competition plates, making it just what you need to get ready for your next Strongman competition. It has welded end caps, and 1.65” knurled handles. In addition, the neutral hand grips are 26” on center, and this bar has fully welded seams for a great fit and finish.


- Now fits Competition Plates, has welded end caps, and 1.65" knurled handles!
- All steel construction make the Titan Log Bar a heavy duty durable training bar.
- Neutral hand grips at 26" on center.
- Fully welded seams for great fit and finish.
- A staple for Strongman training and competitions. 
- 14" loadable sleeves on both ends. 
- We recommend using a drop pad if dropping from overhead.

- Weight: 90 LB
- Overall length: 80.7"
- Handle diameter: 1.25"
- Sleeve diameter: 1.9"
- Log diameter: 12"
- Loadable sleeve length: 14"

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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