Square Grip Stud Bar
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Square Grip Stud Bar Fitness 429992 STUDBAR
Item No. 429992
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If you’re looking to improve your physique, you’re going to need the proper workout products. With our premium weightlifting stud bar, you’ll be looking like a professional bodybuilder in no time. Our unique square bar is designed by individuals who know what it takes to get the most out of every single workout. An essential addition to your strongman routine, the 3” x 3” grip and loadable sleeves ensure a great workout and plenty of space for bumper plates. The Square Grip Stud Bar by Titan Fitness is an essential tool every serious lifter needs in their gym. This is even more important on Olympic barbells because correct hand placement decides the success of your lift and overall upper body workout.

Use this amazing tool to do your back, arm, core, leg, and other exercises. The bar jack, designed for pro powerlifting, is made to help you work out safely and efficiently. The superior construction allows for a wide variety of workouts. The powder-coating paint is scratch, scuff, and rust-resistant, so it’ll last through your toughest deadlifts, pull-ups, and other workouts. The stud bar’s high-quality steel construction will guarantee long-lasting fitness results for years to come and add a sleek look to your gym accessories or lifting setup. The Titan stud bar offers an essential piece of equipment at an affordable price and is made to help you work out safely and efficiently. Use Titan Fitness for all your weightlifting and bodybuilding equipment.

VERSATILE BAR: This weightlifting bar is designed to work for a variety of different workouts, from pull-ups to deadlifts, making it a great accessory to help you achieve a well-rounded workout and filled-out physique. The unique grip on this bodybuilder accessory provides just the challenge you need to improve your technique.
WORK DIFFERENT MUSCLES: Depending on your workout and the weight you choose to load onto this square grip bar, it will work different arm and leg muscles. You’ll be able to increase forearm, bicep, upper back, trap, and lat strength and tone by using this bar to perform a variety of workouts, like pull-ups and weighted deadlifts.

MADE FROM HEAVY-DUTY STEEL: Steel is renowned for its ability to support heavy loads without bending or bowing. This heavy-duty steel can withstand up to 700 pounds. No matter how many weights you lift, the log bar will offer the needed support, especially when muscle fatigue sets in. Trust the powerful Titan Square Grip Stud Bar for all your strength training needs.

SUPERIOR DESIGN: It’s time to maximize your core and leg workouts and give your body the professional equipment it deserves. Whether it’s at the gym or at home, our full stud bar is just what you need! This square bar fits Olympic barbells and meets all the specifications for Olympic weightlifting. It’s comfortable, safe, easy to use, and designed for both men and women.

SPECIFICATIONS: We designed this bar with a 3” x 3” square grip area throughout the bar for a more challenging workout. The bar is 80.25 inches long and weighs 45 lbs. The square grip itself measures 38.75” in length, stopping at the loadable weight plate pegs. The 1.98-inch loadable sleeves on either side are 14”, and the entire bar has a powder coat for durability.


- Square grip.
- 3” x 3” Square Grip Area throughout bar.
- Bar Length: 80.25”
- Bar Weight: 45 LB
- Length of Square Grip: 38.75”

- Overall Weight: 45 LB
- Overall Length: 80.25”
- Sleeve Diameter: 1.98”
- Loadable Sleeve Length: 14”
- Black Powder Coat

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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