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  • Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
  • Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
  • Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Titan Wall Mounted Pull Up Chin Up Bar

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Quick Overview

Featured in Men's Fitness Magazine, The Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar by Titan is strong, durable and designed to offer you ample room for proper range of motion while you build speed and efficiency.

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Outfit your home gym with the ultimate pull up bar from Titan Fitness, and put away that old door mounted bar for good!

Heavyweight steel construction ensures stability and solid feel just like in your favorite gym, with quality craftsmanship guaranteed to handle the demands of seasoned athletes and amateurs alike.

Matte black powder coating keeps it from becoming slippery like chrome or glossy competitors, so you can finish your workout without delay. Unmatched fit and finish ensure countless years of hard use, even for the most demanding athlete.

- Capacity: 500 lbs
- Can be installed vertically or horizontally
- Versatile setup via mounting hardware (not included)
- Can be mounted on wood 16" wood studs for custom widths at 16", 32" or 52" apart
- Mount on concrete wall at any width up to 53" with supplied bar
- Height: Can be adjusted based on ceiling height or athlete height
- Purchase additional standard 1" steel tube (1.3" OD) and extra L brackets to make a multiple person pull up station.
- Weight: 35 lbs
- Bracket Height: 31"
- Bracket Depth: 32"
- Bar length: 53"
- Bar diameter: 1.25"
- Bar thickness: 10 ga
- Material: 1" x 2" 11 Gauge Steel
- Includes two L Shaped brackets
- One 53" long bar
- Additional L Shaped brackets can be purchased for $35 each

Additional Information

SKU 400510
UPC 765857423906
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  1. Solid as a rock. review by Joe on 5/1/2017

    It's huge. Best gym equipment purchase ever. Price was fair compared to other vendors. Quality was spot on. Packaging dept needs to use better shipping materials. I would definitely recommend this pull up bar.

  2. Solid review by JPE on 4/8/2017

    Been using the bar about a year now. It's been great. No different than the rogue pull-up bar at the gym. Watch some videos for installation and you're good to go. Got with a coupon and with free shipping this was a steal.

  3. Amazing review by Kim on 1/29/2017

    This bar is everything I ever wanted. Super affordable. I would recommend this. We installed it on drywall. 2x4, and 3/8 by 6" screws. Phenomenal. Solid.

  4. SOLID! review by Eric on 1/16/2017

    I'm 240 LBS, mounted to studs in my shop. Used 2x4 stringers. Solid as a rock! No wiggle, no squeak, no rattle. SOLID! I like the powder coat on the bar. Arrived quickly, Looked good other than a few scuffs in the powder coat that were from less than quality packaging. Easy to install.

  5. Solid Build - Heavy - Sturdy - Priced Right - Recommend review by SandyEggo on 1/14/2017

    I recommend this pull-up bar to anyone who wants a solid pull-up bar that is comparable to those found in professional gyms.

    This thing is heavy and sturdy. It will give you years of use with no problem.

    Make sure you have plenty of room and you might as well have a friend come over and help you put this up. It's not difficult but the installation can be awkward holding the heavy brackets and trying to get things aligned correctly.

    I mounted this in my garage using 1" x 4" x 3' boards and qty 6 - 5" 3/8 lag bolts that I purchased from Home Depot. I used the included washers and lock rings that were included and saved 50 cents.

    The package comes in a triangular box and expect to have some damage on the bars since packaging could use some improvement. My unit had one of the plastic end pieces damaged. Customer Service quickly set me up with a replacement that should arrive soon.

    Instructions are minimal but as others have stated, take a look at Amazon reviews and here and gets some tips on installation. Overall, very easy but take your time and think the installation through carefully before you start.

    Overall, I'm very pleased with this and I expect to use it frequently. I would recommend to anyone looking for a good pull up bar at a fair price.

  6. Impressive & Great Value review by Charles on 9/30/2016

    I first saw this pull-up bar on Amazon with great reviews at a great price. Coming directly through Titan even received a better price and fast shipping. I've had my bar for a few weeks mounted in my garage with 3/8 4" Lag screws and it is rock solid. I'm close to 200lbs and it's immovable. This is commercial gym quality. I would highly recommend this pull up bar.

  7. Excellent product review by ScottB on 9/9/2016

    I bought this for my garage gym, and I couldn't be happier. It's rock solid and built really heavy duty. I mounted it on 2x10 stringers because I'm 220 lbs and mostly do kipping pull ups. This thing doesn't budge. I have purchased a few items from Titan, and highly recommend this bar.

  8. Awesome Bar - Best Price review by calisthenics newbie on 8/22/2016

    Installed last night and I am very satisfied with it. I really like being able to mount the bar wide or narrow to align with wall studs. It's a damn good bar for the price and an all around good bar, period.

    I used 4 6" flag screws to mount on 2x4 which are placed on the thin side. This thing ain't going anywhere.

  9. Heavy duty review by maxpower on 7/25/2016

    I have wanted a mounted pull up bar in my garage for a long time, but have been too cheap to spend the money on one. After lots of research I decided on this one and bit the bullet, hoping that it's worth the money. So far, it seems like it's completely worth it. Opening the package, these are much larger than I expected, even knowing the measurements, so really try to get a good idea of how much space it's going to take up. They are heavy! Installation instructions were virtually non-existent, so be prepared to do some digging if you're not familiar with using lag bolts into studs (Amazon reviews are a good place to look). This is really my only gripe with the product. I have a finished garage with drywall, so mounted two five-foot 2x6 boards horizontally to studs using 6" structural (ledger) screws and then mounted the brackets through the 2x6s and into studs. This gives me a bar that's 48" wide (spanning four studs at 16") and mounting it 8' high gives me plenty of room for anything but muscle ups (I'm 6'1"). You can also hang rings over it or hang a heavy bag from it, considering the 500 lb weight capacity, but I haven't tried either yet. In the end, this is an incredibly solid steel product and is definitely worth the price.

  10. Much Better Than Expected!!!! review by Jason I. on 7/8/2016

    Ordered this and 2 days later received it in the mail. One of the Arms was damaged in the shipping process so I called Titan and they had another one on the way within 24 hours. In a day where Customer Service is horrible, Titan is the opposite. Amazing Customer Service!!!! Im 290 lbs and this thing doesn't budge an inch. The grip is perfect! Not to aggressive but not to slippery. Just perfect. Highly recommend!!!!

  11. Good Value review by Nick on 6/25/2016

    The bar and brackets are solid. As mentioned above, craftsmanship is lacking but for half the price of Rogue, I don't need finish steel work and a few cracks in the powder coating don't bother me. That said the bar holes are super tight and the bar itself doesn't easily slide through. I needed to bur grind the inside of the holes with a Dremel Tool which made install and bar pass through really easy. As above 3" x 3/8" lags into 16" studs did the trick for a sturdy set up.

  12. Great Bar review by Jason on 6/17/2016

    Great bar. Solid for any exercise you want to do, easy install. Great choice for a home gym

  13. Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar review by ConorVanSmack on 6/3/2016

    Easy installation. The instructions advise 3" x 3/8" lag screws and those worked fine for me. Very sturdy bar. Titan shipped promptly.

  14. 5 Star review by Zack on 5/31/2016

    Super solid bar!

  15. Perfect for everyone review by B Haynes on 5/27/2016

    Very strong, easy to assemble and mount. Mounted each bracket onto a 36" 2x4 with washers and 6" 3/8" diameter lag screws straight into the wall studs. For the quality of the product the price is hard to beat. I recommend this over a temporary door frame pull up bar. Honestly just a damn good product.

  16. Solid product review by Sean on 5/17/2016

    Can't beat the quality for the price.

  17. Uplifting review by Big Joe on 5/9/2016

    I would have given a five-star rating, but the delivery of the product was a failure. Support was excellent, but the order completion took two weeks with the shipping errors. (FedEx) The bar and mounts are made of quality material. I do appreciate support's quick response and help, again excellent support.

  18. Good Value review by Sean on 5/2/2016

    Half the price of the Rogue bar, exact same design.

    I mounted mine to studs 48" apart, through some 1x6's to prevent the drywall from crushing with 6 3/8x5.5" lags. You won't get any help from the instructions on install, so if you aren't handy, bring someone who is. You will need tools.

    Has cosmetic issues such as sloppy welds, scuffs in powder coat, and mine came with a broken plastic end cap shoved inside the bar that had to be removed so the actual end cap would insert fully. Crossbar is very close to the size of the holes, so it had to be hammered through the supports, at least I know it will resist rotation.

    Functionally it is outstanding, very solid, and for the money I don't think you can beat it. Highly recommended.

  19. Great value review by Hammer on 5/2/2016

    Very happy with the pullup bar. Heavy gauge steel and quality construction. I'm not a fan of the powder coated bar. Wish it came with an option for a raw steal bar but none the less still a great piece of equipment. The mounting instructions and pic should better reflect the number of mounting holes and spacing. The pic only showed 2 holes on the rig so I just purchased lag bolts I thought I'd need. Ended up having to run back and get a couple more after initial mounting on the wall. Not a big deal but still something I'd expect a little more attention to detail from any manufacturer.

  20. Awesome review by GT on 4/11/2016

    Very heavy duty, excellent craftsmanship - impressive!

  21. Good review by Jesse on 3/31/2016

    It's solid and a great price compared to rogue.

  22. Wall Mounted Pull Up Chin Up Bar review by David Propst on 3/21/2016

    Heavy duty construction, nice fine texture coating on bar. Mounted to wall studs with six 3/8" 4-1/2" lag screws. It is rock solid.

  23. Perfect garage setup review by Anonreviewer on 3/16/2016

    This bar is heavy duty and very solid when mounted on studs. I placed mine one three horizontal pieces of 2x4 cut 4 feet long and it does not move at all. Installation is easy but a second person makes it a breeze. I like that you can get inside the "square" part of this with your back to the wall and do pull ups without having to pull the car out of the garage. Purchased some gymnastic rings to do dips, Rev lat pulls, and ring push ups that work great with this. Hung the bar just over 7 1/2 feet so the rings let my kids use it as well. Very pleased with product.

  24. Wow! review by Mike on 3/13/2016

    Don't hesitate. High quality pull up bar. I used (6) 3/8"x4" wood lag screws, level, 1/4" drill bit, 9/16" socket. Had to buy hardware. The pull up bar is tank and way cheaper than the competitors (Rogue etc.). Customer service was on point. Quick delivery.

  25. Finally! review by Azran on 3/11/2016

    Finally!! A pull up bar for the home that doesn't suck or damage your doors! Shipping was extremely fast and packaged well. I don't think it would have mattered though, this thing is solid!!

    Install was easy. I used 3/8 x 4" Lag Bolts. Bolt the top first, then use a level to ensure that the braces are straight up and down. Once the braces were installed I had a hard time getting the bar through but it was because my garage wall isn't perfectly flat. So check your install area BEFORE you put this thing up.

  26. Awesome Product review by Christina on 2/18/2016

    Super heavy duty pull up bars and they are high quality. Shipping was really fast and great customer service!
    All around exceptional experience!

  27. Outstanding! review by Beth N on 1/17/2016

    Fantastic buy, fantastic quality! Would highly recommend it.

  28. Best Buy Anywhere! Outstanding Service and Shipping Too!!! review by BJ on 1/5/2016

    This thing is a beast! Thick gauge steel at an unmatched price. Got it home and realized we had some left over bar from a closet build in our new home that fit the mounting holes perfectly. Called and they sent me a third bracket after the fact and covered the shipping. Two rock solid pull up bars in my garage for $100!!! These guys are legit. 5 STARS!!!!

  29. Great quality pullup bar for garage gym. review by B on 1/3/2016

    This pullup bar and brackets are made from 11 gauge steel and feel rock solid mounted to my garage wall. Install is simple with a stud finder and 3in lag bolts. Just pre-drill and your good to go. I'm 200lb and this has stood up to heavy butterfly kipping and bar muscle ups with no movement at all. Also the finish on the pullup bar is identical to the finish and diameter you'll find on a rogue rig. (I know because I coach at a gym that has them) After seeing the quality here I really want to check out the rack next.

  30. Best bang for the buck review by JD on 11/26/2015

    I searched high and low for a quality pull up bar that would not break the bank and the wall mounted pull up bar from Titan was it. I mounted it in a matter of minutes and was doing quality exercises and is rugged enough to hold my suspension trainer as well. The coating is rough enough to have a firm grip and the materials used are top quality.
    My only complaint is how I received the package, although nothing was damaged it looked like it had hit a severe storm.

  31. Rock Solid, Great Buy!!! review by Bobby on 11/24/2015

    This thing is solid as a rock! Installed easily following the video in the questions section, way better then my previous power tower. Great price for such a sturdy piece of equipment.

  32. Excellent product, very solid review by Chris on 11/21/2015

    Extremely well made, very solid. This is a great product at a great price and it is very easy to install. This is a must have for any home gym.

  33. Great product review by Ray on 10/5/2015

    Great product. Installed easy. Extremely sturdy. I weigh 245 and it doesn't move when I do pull ups, kipping pull ups or attach bands or a TRX to it. Love it!

  34. Excellent ! review by Bob B on 7/27/2015

    Easy to install on wall, and good solid build !

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