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  • X-3 Short Flat Foot Power Rack X-3 Short Flat Foot Power Rack
  • X-3 Short Flat Foot Power Rack X-3 Short Flat Foot Power Rack
  • X-3 Short Flat Foot Power Rack X-3 Short Flat Foot Power Rack
  • X-3 Short Flat Foot Power Rack X-3 Short Flat Foot Power Rack

X-3 Short Flat Foot Power Rack

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Quick Overview

The Titan X-3 Short Flat Foot Power Rack is the ultimate solution for lifters and athletes looking for a top of the line Power Rack.

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The Titan X-3 Flat Foot Power Rack is the ultimate solution for lifters and athletes looking for a top of the line Power Rack, without having to bolt the rack to the floor. 

The heavy duty 11 gauge 3" x 3" uprights provide the ultimate support for max reps. Additionally, the flat foot design stabilizes the rack to the floor, while allowing a walk-through design. The double sided gusset plates also lock the uprights in place to provide strength and support. 

A pair of X3 JHooks, one pair of pipe/pin safeties, 1.25", and 2" pull up bars included.  

- 10" shorter than the standard X3 Rack for lower ceiling heights.
- 3" x 3" 11 gauge steel uprights.
- Flat foot design keeps the 343 lb rack stable without bolting to the floor.
- Fat (2") and skinny (1.25") pull up bars included.
- Walk-through design.
- Laser cut upright holes with Westside hole spacing.
- Pair of UHMW padded X3 JHooks included.

- Overall height: 82.375"
- Outside width: 48"
- Inside width: 30"
- Weight: 334 lb
- Footprint: 49" x 48"
- Capacity: 1,500 lb

Additional Information

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UPC 049008265806
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  1. Great product but. . . review by Nick on 10/6/2017

    I ordered this rack about a month ago and I love everything about it. I'm 5'11 and i don't worry about hitting my head on anything and everything is super solid and heavy and it doesn't budge. I'm giving it 4 stars because of the packaging, I got the first two boxes in a few days and that contained the whole rack. I got a 3rd box the next day with only one J hook in it and it should have came with 2 J hooks and nuts and bolts. I was pretty upset that this happened and it put getting my rack together another week. Titan is a great company with fast shipping they just need to package better.

  2. Built to last. Above and Beyond. Extremely satisfied and happy with the entire Titan Fitness experience. review by Bunso on 7/14/2017

    I first would like to thank the Titan Fitness team/company for an exceptional service, excellent product, extremely fast shipping especially at no extra cost. Everything about Titan Fitness is above and beyond my expectation. I reached out to them through their Facebook page and much to my surprise when I was able to get a respond in a matter of seconds. I thought they would be too busy to respond to a Facebook Messenger message, boy was I glad that I was wrong.

    I almost missed their 4th of July Sale literally within minutes, I had everything in my cart and was about to checkout at 11:20 P.M. CST when I noticed the prices have changed. The sale must have ended at 12:00 A.M. EST. I did not go through with the purchase at that time. The next day I messaged them through messenger to inquire when will they have another sale and explained to their representative that I missed the sale due to the time difference. The representative explained that they usually have it during major holidays, all I could think of at that time is the amount of time I will have to wait. The representative then suggested to call Titan Fitness and place my order by phone and advice the ordering personnel that I missed the deadline by a few minutes. The representative added that they should have no issue with honoring the sale price, since I only missed it by a few minutes. I did just that and without any issues I was able to order and purchase everything that was on my cart for the 4th of July Sale price. The person that took my call was very professional, courteous and extremely helpful.

    I purchased the short power rack due to a low basement ceiling. I am 5'5" and it is perfect for my height. If they ever do come out with a multi grip pull up bar for the X3, my ceiling would be able to accommodate it. I purchased a few accessories as well and a perfect timing since I purchased everything during their 4th of July Sale. I have the following accessories, rotating pull up bars, Y Dip Bar, spotter arms, and the flip down safety bars.

    Shipping was Extremely fast.
    I ordered everything on Thursday and received some of the accessories on Monday.
    The X-3 Short Flat Foot Power Rack and the rest of the accessories came on Tuesday.
    The packages was delivered by FedEx and was asked if I wanted it inside my garage (I chose to have it dropped off at my front door).
    There are 3 boxes for just the X3 Short Flat Foot Power Rack
    1 box contain 4 Posts (125 LBS)
    1 box contain the crossmembers, pull up bars, spotter bars and sleeves (134.50 LBS)
    1 box contain J-Hooks, Gussets and Nuts and Bolts (86 LBS)
    The Accessories were packaged individually per accessory (ie: The pair of rotating pull up bars 1 box, the pair of flip down safety bars 1 box).

    The setup is quick and easy and only needed help with installing the back crossmember to ensure the post do not fall over.
    1. Unpack everything away from the area you are going to be building from so you will have space. (Keep it close to the area as everything is heavy)
    There are 2 different sizes of screw, one is longer than the other.
    There are 20 short bolts and 16 long bolts.
    Hand tighten the bolts and until the whole Power Rack is assembled.
    For simplicity I will refer to the Nuts and Bolts just Bolts.
    2. Start with placing the feet where you want your Power Rack will be. (Use the 1.25" pull up bar to space the feet apart)
    3. Install the posts and gusset plates to the Power Rack (Use the short bolts so they will not protrude too much and hurt someone). 16X short bolts from outward to inward
    4. Install the back crossmember with the assistance from someone so the posts does not topple over. (Use the long bolts). 4X long bolts from inward to outward
    5. Install the left and right crossmember. (Use the long bolts). 8X bolts from inward to outward
    6. Install the middle pull up bar, I chose to install the 2" pull up bar in the middle. (Use the remaining short bolts). 4X short bolts from inward to outward.
    7. Install the front pull up bar, I chose to install the 1.25" pull up bar in the front. (Use the remaining long bolts). 4X long bolts from inward to outward.
    8. Tighten the lower bolts (I tightened the left side first then the right).
    9. Tighten the upper bolts (I started with the front pull up bar, then the left crossmember, then the right cross member, then the middle pull up bar, finally the back crossmember).
    10. I then the J-Hooks and the rest of my accessories.

    Once the X-3 Power Rack is completely assembled it is built like a tank and will withstand everything that I can think of.
    The finish is great, the soldering is through and through, it is not just extremely well built it is also awesome looking.

    Once again I would like to thank the entire Titan Fitness Crew for everything.
    I do not usually write reviews, due to my extreme delight with every aspect of my Titan Fitness Experience I felt compelled to do so.

  3. Solid Solid Solid review by Joe Gator on 6/18/2017

    I own a gym and buy commercial grade equipment for my business. I got this rack for my home set up and it rocks. I haven't seen anything on the market of this quality for this price.

  4. She's a beaut, Clark review by eleigha on 5/28/2017

    I've been around a lot of power racks (e.g. Rogue, XMark, you name it). This one takes the cake. It's going to give you years of reliable service, at a fraction of the cost.

  5. Amazing review by Brian on 4/13/2017

    This rack is super sturdy, as it should be with its 3x3 11ga frame. The finish is pretty good and thick, though there were several very small chips in the finish when received, this is unnoticeable and generally expected when shipping such a large and heavy item. In case you were worried about a freight truck dropping this off in your residential area don't be, I received this item via FedEx in several boxes so no worries there. This rack is the perfect height for anyone under ~5'9" any taller and you may need to bend the legs when using pull-up bars. This will be the last rack I will ever need to buy, highly recommended!

  6. Heavy duty rack, well constructed, amazing price review by RJP on 4/13/2017

    I've been using power racks for 10 years now, and squatted in everything from the huge Legend Fitness Collegiate levels, to the cheaply made body solid and everything in between. Personally, I've owned the Rogue R-6 and Rogue SML-1.

    I purchased this because we moved to a house where the basement height was 89 inches. I sold my SML-1 (on craigslist) and replaced with the X-3 because I would get a fully functioning heavy-duty power rack for the same price.

    It was delivered within 3 days of purchasing in 3 large HEAVY FedEx boxes. Unboxing took about 30 minutes. The laser cutting is top notch, clean and I noted no issues. The welds aren't the prettiest but they're thorough and complete and certainly accomplish the job.

    Assembly took about 60 minutes by myself. No instructions were included but it was not difficult. I hand tightened all nuts, working on a side at a time and then doing the cross member, followed by the pull-up bars. I then used an impact wrench to tighten. Without the impact wrench I imagine the assembly would've taken another 30 to 45 minutes.

    Once assembled the rack felt stable, secure and level. I noted no issues with the powder coating finish and the quality of it is high. The J cups are one-sided, which is only an issue for the OCD.

    I've squatted in the rack and it works as expected. Racking the barbell after completely the squats feels secure and stable, with no forward/backward or side to side movement. The Pin/Pipe Safeties slide in and out easily and are similar to other manufacturers. Racking a barbell on the front of the rack did not cause any forward tipping movement.

    I then loaded up my econ pulley system for lat pull-downs. Hanging it from the front pull-up bar, with 135 lbs, as I started to pull downs, I noticed the rear 'feet' coming off the ground. I then moved the pulley system to the middle pull-up bar and this immediately went away and the rack remained very stable.

    Strict pullups we're done and the rack did not budge an inch. I don't have the height and don't really plan on doing kipping pullups, but imagine this rack could handle that.

    In summary, I am absolutely in love with this rack. It's half the price of competitors, extremely well built, is perfect for my basement where I can't drill into the floor and don't have a high ceiling. I don't know how Titan is able to achieve the quality/construction with free shipping and this price, but I'm grateful. I'm a huge fan of Rogue, but will continue to purchase items from Titan as the price is just TOO GOOD to pass up.

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